West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 
    Dec 09, 2023  
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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  WSCC’s Business division is prepared to help you face the challenges of the emerging economy. Our programs help develop your communication skills, improve your ability to solve problems in your specific industry, and to explore technology related to your field of study. Business students may gain practical work experience before graduation by completing an internship. The Business faculty bring their outside work experience and their knowledge of the business world into the classroom. Student professional organizations provide additional opportunities to learn outside the classroom setting.


A graduate of WSCC’s Accounting Associate Degree program will have the skills needed in entry‐level accounting positions. Complexity of the work will vary with the size and volume of the employee’s activities and the firm’s procedures. Most starting jobs will involve tasks such as keeping records of day‐to‐day business transactions, making entries in account ledgers, monitoring cash receipts and disbursements, processing appropriate budgetary costing procedures, and preparing balance sheets and materials for financial reports.

Potential careers in accounting include:


Computers for Business

A computer specialist with accounting skills will be able to understand the accounting language and computerize the data to produce special accounting reports and functions. An AAAS with a concentration in Computers for Business is a specialized two-year degree that combines a liberal arts education with career‐specific classes. Computers for Business focuses on the mastery of computer programming with an emphasis on business applications.

Potential jobs in computers for business include:



Marketing/Management personnel control or direct the operation of a business, manufacturing plant, or similar organization. In general, they establish and/or carry out the policies of the organization, and plan and organize the operations of the departments under their direction. They see that the work of their department is coordinated with the operations of the whole organization and must be constantly alert to avoid wasting time, energy, and materials.

Potential careers in marketing and management include:


Medical Office Information Systems

Medical office information systems prepares the student with the skills for an entry‐level medical office position. The student will be trained to understand and use medical terminology, work with appointment schedules, and understand the overall workings of a medical office.

Potential careeers in medical office information systems include:


Office Information Systems

Office Information Systems prepares the student with the skills for an entry‐level administrative assistant position. The knowledge of electronic communications will provide the student with the office technology skills needed in the workplace. In addition, the student will develop the skills of human relations needed to interact with managers and other professionals as a team member.

Potential careers in office information systems inlcude:



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