West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 
    Dec 03, 2023  
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Application Process

West Shore has an open-door policy and admits all people who can benefit from participation in the educational program of the college. Instructional programs are available to people who are eighteen years of age or older or who have received their high school diploma or GED certificate. Certain programs, however, may have restricted enrollments, additional enrollment processes, and/or early enrollment dates. The Admissions Office maintains and provides information on these special programs.

People planning to enroll must complete an Application for Admission. An online application may be accessed through our website at www.westshore.edu. Students are strongly recommended to have copies of their high school transcripts forwarded to the Admissions Office, as this could eliminate the additional requirement of placement testing. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the campus. Arrangements for campus visits can be made by contacting the Admissions Office at 843-5503.

To view the Four Easy Steps for Admissions, click here.

Dual Enrollment Students

The Dual Enrollment Program is designed to provide an opportunity for superior high school students to obtain college credit while still in high school. Students may petition to enroll in courses at West Shore with permission of their high school principal or counselor and parents. Students wishing to be involved in this program should first complete the Online Application and submit acceptable ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER scores demonstrating ability to benefit from college level work. After applying, students must also submit a Dual Enrollment Application, which is available from each high school counseling office or the Admissions Office. Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with a college advisor to discuss long term educational goals.

Students who qualify for the state mandated Dual Enrollment Program may enroll in classes provided they meet the above-stated qualifications and any course prerequisites which may apply.

Nursing Programs Admission Provisions

West Shore offers programs for those interested in Practical or Registered Nursing. Admission to these programs is selective, limited, and subject to a competitive admissions process. Interested people should contact the Admissions Office as early as possible to obtain specific application information. More information about the nursing program can be found in this catalog and at www.westshore.edu/academic/areas_of_study/nursing, or available from the Student Services Department.

Police Licensure Program Admission Provisions

Prior to beginning the Police Academy, students must take the state Reading/Writing and Physical Fitness Pre-Enrollment tests. Both tests are administered at West Shore in May and December. Additional test sites and dates are available at www.michigan.gov/mcoles. The results of the Reading/Writing test are valid indefinitely, and the Physical Fitness Pre-Enrollment test results are valid for 180 days.

Students must pass a board interview to be accepted into the Program. A health screening must also be taken within the 180 days prior to the start of the academy courses. For more information, contact the Director of Criminal Justice @ 231-843-5831.

Online Orientation, Advising and Registration

All new students, including transfer and dual enrollment students, are required to complete an online orientation designed to highlight important aspects that will ensure a positive academic experience here at West Shore Community College (WSCC).  First time in college students, as well as former Dual Enrolled students, will also be required to attend a New Student Registration (NSR).  The NSR will allow students to take a closer look at the West Shore campus and services, meet other new students, faculty, advisors and other important college personnel.  Students will also learn about various college expectations and complete the visit by registering for appropriate courses that align with their program of study and other academic goals.

Upon completion of a WSCC Application, applicants will receive an email acceptance response that also contains their my.westshore.edu User Name and a temporary default Password.  Creating a new Password will be the very first step a new student must take to access the remaining steps in the application process.  The instructions on how to create a new Password will be provided in the same email, along with the remaining information on how to begin your academic journey at West Shore Community College. 

Please contact Student Services at 231-843-5510 if you should have any issues or questions throughout this short application process.

Placement Testing

WSCC utilizes an assessment test of basic skills in writing, reading, and mathematics. Results are used to determine course placement. Assessment testing is required of all incoming declared or undecided certificate or degree seeking students. Students exempt from testing are those:

  1. Who have an ACT score of 18 in English, 16 in math, and 17 in reading, and have the scores on file with WSCC
  2. Who have an SAT score of 450 in Critical Reading and a 380 in math. (Note: Students who submit ACT or SAT scores should check with an advisor to determine course placement)
  3. Who have an overall (cumulative) 3.0 High School GPA (within the past 5 years)
  4. Who are non-degree seeking
  5. Who are age 60 or older
  6. Who have earned a degree from WSCC or another accredited college or university
  7. Who have successfully complete ENG 098 - Writing Essentials   MTH 051 - Pre Algebra , or MTH 098 - Math Seminar  at WSCC or equivalent courses with a “C” (2.0 grade points) or better, or have successfully completed English and math courses at a higher level at another college or university.

All degree seeking students who place into  ENG 098  and/or MTH 051  or MTH 098 must enroll in ENG 098  and/or MTH 051 /098 in their first semester, unless the student’s degree does not require a mathematics course. Students should work with an advisor to determine the courses best suited for success; the College recommends taking no more than two developmental courses in the first semester.

Students submitting low ACT or SAT scores, which place them into developmental courses, are required to complete the college placement test in those areas. In addition, a student who submits ACT, SAT or has placement scores that were taken two or more years prior to enrollment in the required developmental English and/or math courses, will be required to complete a current placement assessment. Students are allowed one retake of the test. Additional retakes of the tests may be taken for a fee.

West Shore Community College uses Accuplacer for assessing the appropriate math and English courses for a student that does not meet the exemptions listed above.  The Accuplacer assessment is provided at no charge for a new student’s first attempt at any of the necessary assessments: Reading Comprehension, WritePlacer or Elementary and/or College Level Math.  Students may retake any assessment twice per month with a maximum of 3 attempts per semester unless a review of tutoring has been done and documented through MyFoundationsLab or Tutoring.  There is a retake fee of $5 per assessment.

To schedule an Accuplacer assessment or if you have further questions about Accuplacer, please call our Learning and Testing Center at 231-843-5528.  In addition, more information about Accuplacer, including study materials for each assessment can be located on our Learning and Testing Center website.    

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

West Shore Community College is a National-Open CLEP Center. Computer-based CLEP exams are administered in the Learning and Testing Center (LTC). Students wishing to complete CLEP exams and apply credit toward a WSCC degree should contact the LTC for more information. Students demonstrating competency on CLEP and/ or advanced placement examinations may receive up to a maximum of 12 semester hours of credit toward a WSCC degree or certificate. Non-WSCC students should contact their college or university for information on applying CLEP credit toward their degree program prior to scheduling an examination through WSCC. A CLEP test fee (payable online at time of registration), as well as a WSCC proctor fee (payable at the Testing Center), is assessed for these exams.

Credit for Advanced Placement Exams

West Shore Community College will grant college credit to students who earn a score of 3 or higher on any of the following advanced placement examinations completed in high school. This chart indicates the advanced placement exam, the course equivalency for each exam, and the number of credits applicable toward graduation.

Course Equivalency Credits

History of Art     English Literature and Composition  
ART 201 - Art History I: Ancient and Medieval   3   LIT 211 - American Lit Pre Colonial‐1865   3
ART 203 - Art History II: Renaissance to Mod   3   LIT 212 - American Literature 1865‐Present   3
Studio Art: Drawing     Environmental Science  
ART 111 - Studio Art: Drawing I   3   NSC 100 Biological Lab Science Elective 4
ART 112 - Studio Art: Drawing II   3      
Studio Art: Gen     French Language  
Portfolio to be determined by department 6   FRN 101 - Elementary French I   4
      FRN 102 - Elementary French II   4
General Biology     French Literature  
BIO 122 - General Biology I   4   FRN Elective Credit 8
BIO 123 - General Biology II   4      
General Chemistry     German Language  
CHM 122 - General Chemistry I   4   Elective Credit 8
CHM 123 - General Chemistry II   4      
Microeconomics     Comparative Government and Politics  
ECO 136 - Principles of Microeconomics   3   POL Elective Credit 8
Macroeconomics     English Language and Composition  
ECO 137 - Principles of Macroeconomics   3   ENG 111 - English Composition I   3
      ENG 112 - English Composition II   3


Course Equivalency Credits

U.S. Government & Politics     Introductory Psychology  
POL 151 - American National Government   3   PSY 161 - Introduction to Psychology   3
European History     U.S. History  
HIS 141 - Western Civilization to 1600   3   HIS 145 - US History to 1877   3
HIS 142 - Western Civilization 1600 to Pres   3   HIS 146 - US History 1877‐Present   3
Calculus BC     Calculus AB  
MTH 222 - Calculus I   5   MTH 222 - Calculus I   5
MTH 223 - Calculus II   5      
Music Theory     Music Listening and Literature  
MUS 101 - Basic Music Theory I   3   MUS 100 - Music Appreciation   3
      MUS 201 - Survey of Music History 3
Physics B     Physics C: Mechanics  
PHY 232 - General Physics I   4   PHY 236 - Engineering Physics I   5
PHY 233 - General Physics II   4      
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism        
PHY 237 - Engineering Physics II   5      
Spanish Language     Spanish Literature  
SPN 101 - Elementary Spanish I   4   Elective Credit 8
SPN 102 - Elementary Spanish II   4      


Credit for Military Service

Students can receive academic credit for training received while in the military. The college awards college credit for certain categories of military training based on recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE). Students must provide the Registrar’s Office with documentation of military courses completed via an official military transcript.

Career and Technical Education Partnership

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Partnership between the West Shore Educational Service District and West Shore Community College is designed to bring into focus the integral relationship between education and employment. The program provides high school students, who are interested in pursuing career and technical training, an opportunity to gain future college credit while still attending high school. By consulting with a high school counselor, completing an articulated program and graduating from high school, a student can get a head start on the necessary training in a career field of their choice. Areas of opportunity include Welding, CAD, Criminal Justice, ,Agriculture, Allied Health, Computer Information Systems, Computerized Multimedia, Accounting and Office Information Systems, Marketing, Graphic Arts, Automotive, Construction Trades, and Advanced Manufacturing/Pre-Engineering.

Transferring to West Shore

West Shore Community College requires students to complete a minimum of 15 credits of coursework at WSCC for an associate degree; 10 credits for a certificate. A maximum of 50 credits may be transferred to WSCC. Students have the option, after completion of the required WSCC credits, to transfer back up to 50 credits. Upon receipt of an official transcript, which is one received directly from the educational provider of the coursework, training, or examination, a credit evaluation is done. Only credit applicable to the student’s chosen degree or certificate will be granted.

Course-to-course credit is granted when course content is equivalent to that at WSCC; otherwise, department or general elective credit is granted. When the credits earned at another college for specific courses are less than those required for specific WSCC courses, the lower number of credits are granted. For example: An Introductory Psychology course from another college may be 2 credits and the equivalent WSCC course is 3 credits. Two (2) credits for the course are granted. Credit from institutions that are on a term calendar is converted to semester credit, using 0.667 as the conversion percentage.

Competency Based Education (CBE):

A maximum of twelve (12) credits may be earned through competency testing. Competency tests include Departmental Exams, evidence of proficiency, and CTE articulated credit.

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Credit:

WSCC will grant credit to students who earn the required score on those exams listed in the College’s catalog. For a transcript call (888)225-5427. WSCC’s code is 1941. An official transcript from the College Board is required.

CLEP Test Credit:

To request a transcript call (888)225-5427 or download a request form at www.collegeboard/CLEP. WSCC’s code is 1941. An official transcript from the College Board is required.

Council for Higher Education Accreditation:


Credit from Postsecondary Institutions:

Transfer credit is granted for courses with a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher from institutions that are regionally or nationally accredited. Credit may be granted from other institutions that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. An official copy of the transcript is required.

Department of Education:


Military Credit:

Students must submit an official transcript from the applicable branch of the service. For transcripts go to: www.acenet.edu/am/template.cfm?section=military_programs Scroll to Military Registries for links to all branches.

Career & Technical Education to Credit:

Students who complete a program offered by an Educational / Intermediate School District for which WSCC has articulation agreements and who pass the end of program exam and who enroll at WSCC within one year of graduation from high school are granted credit for courses articulated by the ESD/ISD and WSCC. A listing of these courses is available in the Student Records Office or the CTE administration office.

State/National Licensure:

Students who are current licensed practical nurses and who are accepted into the AAAS Nursing program may receive 38 credits toward the program. A copy of the nursing license is required.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA):

Students who have earned the CDA and who are enrolled in the AAAS in Early Childhood Education & Child Care program may receive credit for ECE 120  and ECE 121 , upon approval of the program coordinator. A copy of the CDA is required and/or an official transcript, dependent upon whether the training was through credit coursework. The CDA test is given at the Testing Center. Prior online registration is required at www.pearsonvue.org. A proctor fee is also assessed by WSCC.

MI Department of Corrections Academy Credit:

Students who have completed the Academy and who are eligible to earn the AAAS in Corrections may receive credit for CRJ 207 , CRJ 208  and CRJ 214 ; COR 210 , COR 215 , and COR 223 ; and ALH 118 . A copy of the Department of Corrections Certificate of Completion and the Training Department Memorandum, and the student’s Application for Graduation are required.

MI Basic Police Training Credit (MCOLES):

Students who have completed the MCOLES program and who are eligible to earn the Associate Degree or Two-Year Certificate in General Studies may be granted up to 26 CRJ credits, dependent upon the approval of the Director of Criminal Justice. A copy of the licensing card is required.

Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) Academy Credit:

Students who have completed the 160-hour MSCTC academy and who are eligible to earn the AAAS in Corrections may receive credit for CRJ 208 , COR 223  and ALH 118 . Proof of completing the academy, and the student’s Application for Graduation, are required.

DANTES/Excelsior College Examination Credit:

Credit may be granted upon departmental approval. An official transcript is required.

Official transcripts and/or other required documentation are to be submitted to the Student Records Office. Refer questions to sturecords@westshore.edu or (231) 843-5510.

Accreditation Associations

West Shore accepts transfer credits from institutions which are accredited by any of the following organizations: Association of Independent Colleges and Schools, Higher Learning Commission, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, New England Association of Colleges and Schools, Northwest Association of College and Schools, and Western Association of Colleges and Schools.