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West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Information

Classification of Students

Fewer than 30 semester credits

30 or more semester credits

Full-time Student
Carrying 12 or more credits per semester (Veterans receiving educational benefits may have lower requirements for the summer semester)

Part-time Student
Carrying fewer than 12 credits per semester

Dean’s List

Full-time students earning a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher will be recognized on the Dean’s List published at the close of each semester. Also recognized on the Dean’s List are part-time students in the semester during which they accrue 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 semester credits provided that they meet the GPA requirement for their total cumulative GPA. High honors are awarded to graduating students who receive a GPA of 3.75 or higher, and honors are awarded to those whose GPA is 3.5 to 3.749. The GPA will be computed on the basis of credits attempted at West Shore only and will not include any credits earned at another college.

Developmental Courses

Credits earned from developmental courses, which are numbered 099 or below, are not applicable to graduation requirements nor are final grades used in the calculation of grade point averages.

Online Learning/Flexible Learning Options

West Shore provides learners with several alternative ways to take college credit courses. Because online learning courses require minimal on-campus presence, students with job and family responsibilities are able to take more courses than they could if their options were limited to traditional classes. Using technology, students can take classes from home or attend an off campus site that is closer to home. Courses from other colleges and universities are also available.

WSCC uses a variety of technologies to deliver courses. Some of our courses are delivered totally over the Internet. In this type of class, students log on from home to send and receive assignments, participate in virtual class discussions, and interact with other students as well (as the instructor) on class projects and participate in discussions. WSCC requires all learners enrolled in online courses to attend any scheduled mandatory on-campus or online orientation for an online course. The orientation will ensure that students are best prepared for this unique and exciting learning environment. Failure to attend scheduled mandatory orientation sessions may result in an Administrative Drop of the online course.

Hybrid classes use a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. For example, the lecture portion of a class will be delivered online and students will come to the campus for labs. Online learning courses have the same learning outcomes as on-campus courses and are completely transferable to other institutions. For current course offerings, look for the online learning opportunities page in the class schedule publication or on the internet at www.westshore.edu/home.php/academics/distance.

In addition, West Shore is a member of the Michigan Colleges Online. Many more courses are available to WSCC students through this organization. More information is available at the MCO’s website: www.michigancollegesonline.org.

Grading System

Grade Point Average

Grade points are used to determine scholastic standing. These points are computed by multiplying the appropriate grade points for the grade received in a course by the credits earned in that course. Thus, a 3 credit course with a grade of A would earn 12 grade points (3 x 4 grade points).

The total grade points accumulated are then divided by the number of credits attempted, and the result is the cumulative grade point average (GPA). Each time a course is taken, both the credit hours attempted and the grade points are included in computing the GPA. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to graduate.

Grade Definitions

A 4.0 grade points
A- 3.7 grade points
B+ 3.3 grade points
B 3.0 grade points
B- 2.7 grade points
C+ 2.3 grade points
C 2.0 grade points
C- 1.7 grade points
D+ 1.3 grade points
D 1.0 grade points
D- 0.7 grade points
F 0.0 grade points








The following symbols denote a registration status and have no effect on accumulation of credits or on GPA

W (Withdrawal) (See Below)

I (Incomplete)

Indicates that for a justifiable reason the student failed to complete the requirements for the course within the scheduled time. Incompletes are granted only when mutual agreement between instructor and student is reached. Forms for setting forth terms of agreement for course completion are available in the instructional Dean’s offices. A copy of the completed agreement must be filed in the Student Services Office. Incompletes will convert to an “F” grade if terms of the agreement are not fulfilled.

AU (Audit)

Indicates a desire to participate in a class without receiving credit. Once a course is started on an audit basis, the student may change to a credit classification anytime within the first half of the scheduled class meetings. Also, students who initially register for credit may at any time within the first half of the scheduled class meetings change to an audit classification. Tuition and fees for audit are the same as for credit. Financial aid cannot be used to cover the cost of courses taken on an audit basis.

Waiver of Course Work

If the student wants only to have course work waived, no fee will be assessed and no credit will be recorded on the transcript. Having a course waived will not reduce the number of credits required for an associate degree.

Late Registration

The College has determined that late registration is detrimental to the academic success of students. Historically, research shows that students who arrive late into courses already in progress are less successful than those who begin on time. These students may also disrupt the classes they join, and, in order to catch up, may make unrealistic demands upon themselves and their instructors.

If a course has met once, students are not permitted to enroll in that course. For online courses, students may not enroll after the mandatory orientation has taken place. Students with a current schedule may register for courses that have already begun if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Same course section switch, or
  • Dean of Instruction approval for documented extenuating circumstances

Dropping Courses

During the first two weeks of each semester, students are allowed to drop courses. To officially drop a course, students must utilize my.westshore.edu and drop the course online. There is no fee for dropping courses. The policy for refunding tuition and fees can be found under the Cost section of this catalog. Students who stop attending class but do not officially drop the course will most likely receive a grade of “F” at the end of the semester.

Students who do not attend any of their courses during the first two weeks of class, may be administratively dropped from their course(s) and will receive a full refund for tuition and fees (except for the Registration Fee). However, students should personally drop their courses through my.westshore.edu.to ensure their courses are successfully dropped before the refund deadline. Students that are not reported for an administrative drop, but did not attend their courses, may still be responsible for any tuition and fees due to the college.


Students have the option of withdrawing from a course through the eleventh week of fall and/or winter semesters; the fifth week for summer semester. The student must file a withdrawal form in the Student Services Office. A designator of “W” will be placed on the academic transcript next to the course(s) from which the student has withdrawn. Students who stop attending class but fail to withdraw officially will receive the grade earned for the course(s) at the end of the semester. Student with documented extenuating circumstances, also have the opportunity to request a withdrawal after the published withdrawal deadline. Late Withdrawal Request Forms are available in Student Services.