West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 
    Dec 06, 2023  
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts & Humanities

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The fields in this section invite us to peer deeply inside and outside of our world through the examination of artistic achievements and philosophic ideas; they emphasize critical thinking, creativity, imagination, production and performance, and responses to the arts and philosophy. These courses emphasize core‐value skills that are prized by all professions, and their study can lead to a wide variety of useful and highly rewarding careers. Our graduates will use their learning and critical thinking skills in careers which permit them to express their creative and practical talents, doing work that is both personally fulfilling and of service to their communities.



Study in the visual arts—including drawing, design, painting, sculpture, photography, video and film—gives students a solid background in creative problem‐solving, a skill that is important in many areas beyond the traditional art fields. In addition, most art students come away with manual and computer skills that are highly sought after. Most jobs in the visual arts require advanced degrees.

Potential careers in art include:

For more information about art at WSCC, contact:

Rebecca Mott
Professor of Fine Arts
Arts and Sciences Center 385
(231) 843-5902





The music profession is one of the most competitive fields in the world. When you complete an Associate of Arts with a music concentration at WSCC, you will obtain the musical tools necessary to prepare you to transfer to a 4‐year institution. A vast sea of opportunity for employment is available upon receiving an undergraduate degree in music, such as K‐12 music education, music performance, and more.

Potential careers in music include:

For more information about music and theater at WSCC, contact:

Ted Malt
Professor of Music, Interim Director of Performing Arts
Arts and Sciences Center, 332
(231) 843-5776




Philosophy helps you develop critical thinking and communication skills that are useful in almost every line of work and field of study. A concentration in philosophy shows that you can think deeply and critically and express yourself effectively in both writing and speech. This makes it an ideal program to pair with other fields of study, such as psychology, English, religious studies, or business.

Potential careers in philosophy include:

For more information about philosophy at WSCC, contact:

Matt Sanderson
Professor of Philosophy & Ethics
Arts and Sciences Center, 386
(231) 843-5937




Studying the theater arts prepares one for a career in professional and non‐professional theater production, performance, and education. It also equips students will skills like creativity, empathy, teamwork, and public speaking.

Possible careers in theater include:




    Transfer Programs

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