West Shore Community College Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jun 22, 2024  
West Shore Community College Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Journeyman Apprentice Program

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Michigan Law requires students to take 450 hours of core classes and an additional 126 hours to reach the 576 hours required by the Electrical Apprenticeship Bureau and the Department of Labor. Students are allowed to apply up to 1,000 hours of Related Technical Training that is required to sit for the Electrical Journeyman’s Licensing Exam. Students also must complete 8,000 hours of Hands-On training performing electrical work over the period of four years (minimum of 2,000 Hours per year).

Electrician apprentices must work under the direct instruction of a licensed electrical contractor, and must register with the State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes within 30 days of beginning apprenticeship employment.

THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT LEAD TO A WSCC DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE - However, all courses listed, including the Additional Modules, apply toward the Electrical-Electronics, AAAS  program. Please see an advisor for more information.


Total Required Courses: 38.2 credit hrs | 624.6 total hrs

Additional Modules Available

The following modules are additional Electrical modules that can be taken through WSCC and count toward the additional hours of Related Technical Training:

  • ELC 04A - Oscilloscopes 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04B - Linear Power Supplies 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04C - Power Supply Filtration & Regulation 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04D - Solid State Relays 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04E - Discrete Sensing Devices 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04F - Thermal Sensing Devices 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04G - Amplifiers and OP Amps 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04H - Analog Sensing Devices 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04J - Solid State Switching 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 04K - Solid State Speed and Control 0.20 credit hrs
  • ELC 07J - DC Generators 0.40 credit hrs (does not apply to the Electrical-Electronics degree)
  • ELC 12A - Introduction to Programmable Logic 0.40 credit hrs
  • ELC 12B - Basic PLC Programming 0.70 credit hrs
  • ELC 12C - PLC Motor Control 0.70 credit hrs
  • ELC 12D - Discrete I/O Interfacing to PLC 0.50 credit hrs
  • ELC 12E - Introduction to PLC Troubleshooting 0.50 credit hrs
  • ELC 12F - PLC Systems Troubleshooting 0.40 credit hrs
  • ELC 13A - PLC Event Sequencing 0.50 credit hrs
  • ELC 13B - PLC Application Development 0.70 credit hrs
  • ELC 13C - PLC Timer Instructions 0.70 credit hrs
  • ELC 13D - PLC Counter Instructions 0.60 credit hrs
  • ELC 13E - PLC Program Control Instructions 0.60 credit hrs
  • ELC 13F - PLC Math & Data Move Instructions 0.80 credit hrs

Total Optional Courses: 9.50 credit hrs | 167.76 total hrs

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