May 26, 2018  
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science & Mathematics

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  As a leading college of science in Michigan states, “The world has entered a new and exciting era of scientific understanding that has taken concepts like genetic engineering, nanoscience and biotechnology out of the realm of science fiction and into everyday life.” New applications of science will continue to have profound effects. Thus, graduates with training in any of the biological, mathematical, or physical sciences offered by WSCC are able to transfer to a four‐year institution, complete a bachelor’s degree, and find new employment opportunities with industries on the cutting edge of high technology, as well as in teaching, communications, environmental fields, health, and many other areas.


Students of biology study such topics as aquaculture, ecology, microbiology, botany, and zoology. Studying biology at WSCC prepares students to transfer to a four‐year institution and obtain degrees in forestry, pre‐veterinary medicine, forensic biology, biotechnology, and many others.

Potential careers in biology include:



Chemistry ties together biology, physics and many other disciplines. Since everything is made of chemicals, you could consider chemistry to be the study of everything. Perseverance, curiosity, the ability to concentrate on details and developing problem solving are essential skills for a career involving chemistry. There are also opportunities to work at an associate’s degree job as a chemist in food, medical or water analysis. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry prepares students for lab work, teaching, and other professional programs.

Potential careers in chemistry include:



Studying mathematics develops skills in analyzing data, formulating and solving problems, thinking abstractly, creating and analyzing mathematical models and arguing logically and rigorously. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics will cultivate these skills and provide an attractive option for many employers. If graduate school or professional school is in your future, a mathematics degree provides excellent preparation. For those who truly love the intrinsic beauty of mathematics, a career as a research mathematician just might be the ticket.

Potential careers in mathematics include:



Physics is the exploration of the inner workings of the natural and technological world. Those who study physics are trained in turning a complex problem into simpler, more easily solved problems. The skills developed in the introductory physics sequence are useful in any career from owning a business to journalism to law. At the bachelor’s level, employment may involve managing an industrial operation or running an advanced apparatus like a medical therapy particle accelerator.

Potential careers in physics include:



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