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  Jan 17, 2018
West Shore Community College Catalog 2017-2018


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  The Communications Division provides students with the fundamental writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills that enable lifelong adaptability to change, as well as personal, societal, and professional fulfillment. These interrelated skills are indispensable for academic success and do more than any other discipline to expand your long‐term employment opportunities in fields such as education, law, marketing, medicine, business management, human resources‐‐and many other fields that require strong analytic, problem‐solving, and communication skills.


Students who want literature or education to be a central part of their working lives take communications courses in partial fulfillment of a Bachelor’s degree in English. Earning a BA in English is likely the best goal for students whose career interests include journalism, publishing, broadcasting, business marketing, various kinds of management positions, politics, and law. The sequence of West Shore courses listed in this section will take you a long way toward a career in any of these areas.

Potential careers in communications include:



Reading and discussing literature helps integrate us into a very wide cultural matrix, enriching our communications, analytical skills, and personal relationships with others. Through close reading, discussion, analysis, and related writing experiences, students of literature acquire the ability to ask meaningful questions about the human experience and to answer those questions with greater certainty than those who do not read.

Potential careers in literature include:



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